Customer-Centric Advancements in Technology

It’s not just about technology, it’s about technology that solves problems - problems the industry ignores.

More than the Mattress

To many, achieving a fulfilling sleep feels out of reach. Our innovations aren’t just created for innovation's sake, but to help people find their fulfilling sleep and drastically change how sleep products are evaluated, developed, and sold.

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A Holistic Approach to Sleep

Our innovation is in the beds, pillows, and even the comforters we make, and it’s also a part of the controls we use to adjust our beds. Our unique manufacturing process allows for individual customization, and the training our sleep experts provide helps those that struggle with insomnia learn to sleep again.
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Sleep Surface

Creating sleep surfaces for couples with a focus on individuals.

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Luxurious, temperature regulating, high-loft fabrics designed to conform and support the body.

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Innovating ways to reduce movement, and lessen partner disruption.

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Coaching and education to help people achieve long-lasting sleep.

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Creating ways to pinpoint factors that impact quality of sleep.

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Offering personalized guidance on sleep behaviors for the best long-term health.

Our Technologies

We’re leading the industry in the development of technologies on the forefront of choice, customization, comfort, and sleep.
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Adjustable Foam

The first-of-its-kind bed that combines foam, coil springs, and air into a sleep surface that surpasses the benefits of every mattress available today. isense makes sense.

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Individualized Comfort

This is an easy solution the industry ignores - the ability to customize each side of the bed. Couples can do this through our innovative brand, beyosa

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Sleep Therapy

Sufferers of insomnia get back to sleep through education and training with board-certified sleep coaches. The experts at Somly get people back to sleep for the long-term.

It’s awesome that my wife can have her comfort setting on her side (soft) and I can have mine on my side (firm). It’s the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. It makes thinking about a regular mattress impossible!

Ryan J.
isense Customer

Fantastic individual sleeping experience. Try them out. One mattress - two different sides for the two lovers, no love gap and yet each has their needs fulfilled.

Jessy Jones
beyosa Customer

Wow! This is by far the best mattress I've ever had, and better than my last mattress which I paid twice as much for. The Refresh mattress works great because I love my mattress firm, and my girlfriend likes it plush, and it’s so easy to adjust to our individual needs. I would highly recommend this mattress for any couple who have different mattress preferences!

Steve B
isense Customer

This program is life changing. I never thought I could sleep like a rock after 23 years of insomnia.

C. L.
Somly Customer
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We believe the best in sleep is still to come. If you do too, contact us and let’s talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Advanced Sleep Technologies?

AST’s Founder, Paul Longman, spent years as a mattress company executive working on several luxury mattress brands. Through exposure to vast amounts of information, technology and some of the best mattress makers in the world, it was his exposure to customer insights that really resonated. While the data, technology and innovations all came and went – the customers’ wants and needs always remained the same – to find truly great sleep without hassle. From this, the AST mission emerged - to improve lives and relationships through a better night’s sleep.

Why Springfield, Missouri?
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Springfield is centrally located to the U.S. and provides the ideal geographic location for shipping across the United States. Additionally, Southwest Missouri has a rich history in sleep, with many innovations coming out of the area over the last 100+ years. There’s a wealth of sleep expertise in the area that AST can, and has, tapped into to help the company provide it’s promise of creating the best night’s sleep.

Where can I buy AST Products and Services?
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All of the brands in AST portfolio can be found and purchased online at,, and

Partner with Us

We are actively expanding our network of sleep experts, engineers, manufacturing, and retail partners that have a similar focus on providing only the best quality sleep experience. We believe the best in sleep is still to come. If you do too, contact us and let’s talk.