Better Sleep Through Innovation

Customer-driven sleep solutions other companies refuse to offer

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Affordable, customizable, dual-comfort technology.

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The world’s first patented, adjustable hybrid mattress using adjustable foam technology.

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A drug and stimulant free solution for insomnia sufferers.

Solving Problems the Industry Won’t

At Advanced Sleep Technologies, we’re focused on one thing - improving lives through higher quality sleep. Frustrated with the industry's lack of innovation and customization, we pursue new technology, educate customers and invent solutions focused on giving the customer control over their sleep experience.

Creating new, first-of-its-kind technology for higher-quality sleep


Training and teaching so people understand barriers to sleep, and how to break-through


Customer-centric choice by offering customization ignored by the industry

Paul Longman Founder

Our Founder

paul longman

After more than 30 years of work on a variety of luxury mattress brands in both Australia and the United States, Paul started Advanced Sleep Technologies with a singular focus–on the sleep needs of the customer. That focus has led to the creation of isense, beyosa, and Somly demonstrating Paul’s ability to innovate with one goal–to provide the best sleep possible for everyone.

Partner with Us

We are actively expanding our network of sleep experts, engineers, manufacturing, and retail partners that have a similar focus on providing only the best quality sleep experience. We believe the best in sleep is still to come. If you do too, contact us and let’s talk.